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As much as I enjoy the city, I have definitely become a small town guy. Born in Paterson, New Jersey and spending my formative years exploring New York City, I have lived in Ashland longer than any other place. Ashland has been good to my family. Ashland has allowed Bonnie and I to raise a family, pursue our individual and community interests and, hopefully, make a contribution to our hometown. As I get older, this quote from a Eudora Welty essay makes more sense: “The open mind and the receptive heart-which are at last and with fortune's smile the informed mind and the experienced heart-are to be gained anywhere, any time, without necessarily moving an inch from any present address”.


We are fortunate to have been able to pursue varied interests and challenges. The photos included in the galleries include travels to New Orleans, Austin, France, and most recently, Cuba. Bonnie and I also share a love of live music. We have spent many years attending festivals and small clubs. Many of the photos reflect that shared passion. 


Books and libraries have been a major theme in our lives. We actually met in a library. Bonnie has spent a lifetime in libraries and is currently Dean of the Library at Framingham State University and serves on the Ashland Public Library Board of Trustees. 


Welcome to our world. Hope you enjoy. If life ain’t an adventure, then what the hell is it?

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"A Walk Through My Old Town"
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